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I almost didn’t post this because I was self-conscious, which is ironic because I wanted to post something about @crossfit’s #ABetterBeautiful campaign (now that @johnkoretoff FINALLY sent me my @crossfitstuff patch). For the few hours a day (ok, all day) that I spend @crossfitncr I forget about how I look and just focus on getting better at the sport I love. I’ve learnt over the years that’s it’s natural to care what other people think, just never let it affect how you think about yourself. Moral of the story: f*ck it, pursue your passions, and be proud of your hard work. Thankful for Crossfit for always making me feel a little more normal (I fully embrace the fact I’m a weirdo though 💁🏻). #crossfit #bodypositive #internationaldayofthegirl #adaylate 🤷🏻‍♀️